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Apart from the "beats per minute" reqirement then pretty much any thing can end up on them. Each is examined in turn by curator dasino the collection Ian Dewhurst, who also includes a two page essay on the impact of Wigan Casino which is both informative and well written.

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The 3 Before 8 1981

3 before 8 Wigan Casino Ooooooh I wish I had been older enough to have gone but sadly I missed all the baggy pants and Brut 33! Wh. The legendary "3 Before 8" Wigan Casino sign-off tunes on one 7". Re-issue compilation of RK Records Maxi-Single from The Goldmine Sevens re-issue. A personal pilgrimage to the coveted Wigan Casino way back into the The last 3 before 8 (these 3 songs were played at the end of each all.